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More energy to live!

My wife introduced me to the Coral Water. I knew before about it a little and even made that jar experiment that you place rice in it. I was aware what is living water, but I was not aware that I can make it back at home without any special equipment.  

I tried and follow the rules of drinking it, 0,5 l just after I woke up. Then always 30 minutes before any meal and 1,5 to 2 hours after the meal.

After few days I noticed that my hunger decreased and I did not need so much food to fulfill my stomach. I started to eat less and less and now I cannot even imagine to eat the portion which I ate before. 


My digesting started to work perfectly. Every single morning, before breakfast I am going and empty my intestines. As old chinease sayings says: with eating starts absorption. And you don’t want to absorb anything what is left after your dinner and stayed 10 to 12 hours in warm environment in your intestines, isn’t it?

My skin is just amazing. I use d to have from time to time a teenage acne, which I did not like any more cause I am after 30, but now it is gone.


That is why I decided to follow next step which is cleansing. It was hard, the diet and the restrictions was not easy. But the results? I was shocked that after just two weeks my eating habits changes completely. My body do not ask for sweets and coffee anymore. I am eating much less and only healthy food. I am not attracted anymore by junk food. Mu body simply would not like it and when you treat it well, it pay you back with good health. I lost more than 15 kilos in that process and now have a lot of energy. I did not consider myself as a morning person, but know I am waking up before everybody and working out almost every single day in the morning.  


I have much more energy and I can feel that it does not come only from the food, it also comes from the water.



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