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Recipe for the child!

Our trial to get out of the Impasse started two years ago. On the beginning we were not thinking that our understanding about health and disease will change so much.


I remember how with curiosity I was listening to the other stories, with their struggle and happy ending and I thought that it is not for me (my husband could not believe that stories, he thought that they are fabricated, but he started to try this).


We started with drinking a living water first. Down the road we made a living blood test and the we decided to cleanse our bodies.


First phase we made with individual approach. It took 6 weeks. It was a time for preparation for cleansing our bodies. That includes also our diet (no coffee, no yeast, white flour, milk, sweets and off course as less as possible processed food ). Someone can think that this strict diet is not for me, but believe me, if you want something you can do anything.


Second phase was cleaning and proper nutrition of our bodies. It was very demanding. We was trying to have a baby for a long period of time. Holidays came. Meanwhile we made medical check, me hormones check and mu husband seminogram. Mu husbands results was not very good. He had not so healthy and lively zoosperm. After consultation we knew that we can revive them. We also made antiviruses check:

  •   cytomegaly

  • Chlamydia (trachomatis, pneumoniae),

  • Herpes,

  • Toxoplasmosis

Results for cytomegaly and chlamydia was very high for me. In addition to that herpes was positive as well. Likely -toxoplasmosis was negative. Our doctor was right in 100%. My cytomegaly was a problem with having a baby. Now we fought with the cause. We started a process of getting rid of our uninvited guests in our bodies.


We started to follow our doctor recipe with herbs supplements. Off course all the time we were drinking our living water.


This treatment supposed to last three months and after that we supposed to repeat medical check-up. We have not finished it, because after two and half month we find out that that I was pregnant. 


Today I am in 17 week of my pregnancy. Baby is developing correctly, we heard its heart beats. I did not have any dizziness and vomiting but I perfectly know how it is to try very hard to have a baby and I very recommend for the couples who are trying to cleanse their bodies first.


Sometimes I am wondering how it might be when God would not place our doctor in our way and another one would not send us for that viruses check.


I want that our example be an inspiration to all couples that are trying to have a baby.


Our adventure with natural way of treatment is still undergoing.


Sebastian and Kathy



P.S. We are now in our 31 week. We are so looking forward to be all three together.


All that time we are under herb supplements and living water. I am writing we, me and my daughter. In 20th weeks we found that we are going to have a baby girl. My husband from the beginning of the pregnancy was sure that it is going to be a girl.  

When we saw her on the screen and learnt that she is healthy we were touched.


Our daughter is developing well and she is very active. I could feel her kicks in 18th week already. I remember  that day, it was 19 January, a small anniversary of our  engagement. That day she decided to kick her mummy. It was only three kicks, very strong ones. After that it was much often and more harder. She was full of energy. When doctors wanted to scan her she was dancing in my belly and we have to do it three times. 


Until 25th week we were taking herbs supplements and living water.


I was not afraid of having cold, which still ended in three days. Through all pregnancy I did not take any pharmaceutics and minerals like magnesium, diastolic drugs or pain killers. All that thanks to herbs and water.


Our baby is very active and even with small room to play, she did not mind.


It is very interesting and feels like miracles when she reacted on smell, taste as well on sounds. She loves water sounds and music. She reacted also on our voices during me and my husband conversations. In that moments I am wondering how BIG miracle she is. From two tine cells, the huge human body evolves. More often we are wondering how is she going to be. How is she going to look like. Whose lips, eyes or hairs is she going to have. 

I feel great and I am still active and enjoy working, shopping for her and preparing for our little angel. We have 8 weeks left, time flies very fast and I am thinking and preparing myself for labor. I am not scared, I am looking forward …


Sebastian and Kathy