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Do we need glasses and stomach pain?

On the beginning I would like to say something about my illness and mu kid’s diseases.

My biggest problem was intestines. I was having a lot pf pain, I could not work and function. It was terrible. I was having a lot of pain and pills subscribe by doctors did not help me. I changed doctors many times and they changed diagnosis as well. Every time it was different but nobody could clearly state what is the reason of my pains.


In addition to that all my kids (11 and 7 years old) was having very severe  eyesight defect. Older (+4 and +4,5) and younger (+8 and +9) diopter and younger was having a squint. We were visiting many doctors but without any successful results. We were so close with operation for the younger one for that squint. Eyesight, especially the younger one  was terrible, she was crying all the time because she was seeing nothing. She was wearing heavy glasses, she was having her eye covered many times. We were struggling with everyday life because of that.


Then I have learnt about very interesting people who educate everybody how to live healthy life and showing the way that our body take things in its hands and started to fight any flaws and defects. They showed me that our body is a fantastic machine which knows what to do to recover but it needs only an appropriate substances. Thanks to correct diet and living water plus natural way of treatment and exercise our bodies was recovering from that defects. I started to feel much better. Our kids day by day was getting better and better. We saw them glowing. After some time both of them stopped wearing any glasses because they bothered them. In addition to that we stopped having a skin problems with the younger one.


Today I know that the way I was introduced was hard on the beginning but it was the right one. Both our daughters eyesight is perfect. They both go to school and learn without any glasses now. I recovered from my intestines pain and  feel wonderful. Today when I see my kids full of health I am satisfied and full of optimism. It was really worthy to follow that road just to hear my kids happily screaming MUMMY WE CAN SEE!! WE LOVE YOU!


Lidia S.

Phone: 692060253