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Letter from a Happy Person

In first days I felt like every cell in my body drink that water, increase its capacity and become more hydrated and firm. I was wrong thinking before that I will have to go to the toilet all the time. I felt like every drop of that living water is absorbed by my body. I was in shock, because before I was trying to drink 1,5 l of water a day before and just after finishing one glass I was running to washroom. I felt like normal water was just flashing through me and was doing nothing.


What kind of effects I notices after drinking living water?


  • My thirst came back. After just few days of drinking that living water I wake up and felt thirsty. You can believe me or not but long time ago I felt that before. That made me thinking and assured me that I am doing the right thing.

  •  For first few days I also felt that my kidneys was really working, I felt that. Finally they had anything to filter.

  • Two days I was having pains in my joints, I thought on the beginning that I was getting a flu, but I have learnt that it is an effect of detoxification  with living water of all sledge which I have in my body. After few days, I felt much better and my joints now actually are working much better.

  • Since a week I haven’t used none of the creams or balsams on my skin (especially on my legs), my skin does not decorticate, does not itch anymore and is very nice in touch. My hands, despite of washing, cleaning, and putting a balsam only once a day look like I would use it several times a day. And the most important one – my blushing came back. I love them on my face and I like myself now.

  • I have polished nails

  • my digesting works perfectly,


I believe that there is much more changes in my body that I have not realized.

I am very happy and very impressed under the changes that I made for my body.

I need to thank you guys for everything and thanks for convincing me to drink Coral Water.


P.S. My husband does not follow my discipline and he does not believe in it. I decided not to convince him anymore. I believe he slowly realized the changes which I made but his pride does not allow him to admit that he was wrong. He secretly is stealing my water already :)


Best Regards




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