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Letter from a Happy Person

In first days I felt like every cell in my body drink that water, increase its capacity and become more hydrated and firm. I was wrong thinking before that I will have to go to the toilet all the time. I felt like every drop of that living water is absorbed by my body. I was in shock, because before I was trying to drink 1,5 l of water a day before and just after finishing one glass I was running to washroom. I felt like normal water was just flashing through me and was doing nothing. ...

Do we need glasses and stomach pain?

On the beginning I would like to say something about my illness and mu kid’s diseases.

My biggest problem was intestines. I was having a lot pf pain, I could not work and function. It was terrible. I was having a lot of pain and pills subscribe by doctors did not help me. I changed doctors many times and they changed diagnosis as well. Every time it was different but nobody could clearly state what is the reason of my pains. ...

Recipe for the child!

Our trial to get out of the Impasse started two years ago. On the beginning we were not thinking that our understanding about health and disease will change so much.


I remember how with curiosity I was listening to the other stories, with their struggle and happy ending and I thought that it is not for me (my husband could not believe that stories, he thought that they are fabricated, but he started to try this).

More energy to live!

My wife introduced me to the Coral Water. I knew before about it a little and even made that jar experiment that you place rice in it. I was aware what is living water, but I was not aware that I can make it back at home without any special equipment.  

I tried and follow the rules of drinking it, 0,5 l just after I woke up. Then always 30 minutes before any meal and 1,5 to 2 hours after the meal.

After few days I noticed that my hunger decreased and I did not need so much food to fulfill my stomach. I started to eat less and less and now I cannot even imagine to eat the portion which I ate before....

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