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Are You Putting This Into Your Fridge?

September 5, 2018

We are used to putting everything in the fridge, which will soon expire. Starting with butter or sausage, ending with fruits and vegetables. Theoretically, the low temperature should prolong the freshness of our stocks, but there are products on which the fridge works the other way round.



Exotic fruits. Stored at low temperatures, they begin to rot and release gases that affect our body badly. It is best to store these fruits in a paper bag at room temperature.


Pears and apples. Under the influence of low temperature, ethylene, a gas that accelerates the maturation of all fruits and vegetables in its vicinity, begins to emit.


Courgettes, melons and pumpkins. Low temperatures soften these products, so soon after they are placed in the refrigerator they begin to mold. Keep these products in a dark place without packaging.


Tomatoes. It has been proven that the low temperature inhibits the action of hormones responsible for their taste and aroma. What's more, removing tomatoes from the fridge does not reactivate these hormones, so they are less tasty.


Onion. Decomposes faster in the refrigerator, and its taste is boring and nothing distinctive. There is more moisture in the air. Keep the onion in a cool and dry place.


Oil. Low temperatures reduce its taste (there is a bitter aftertaste and creates a white coating). Therefore, keep this product in a dark place at room temperature.




Honey. Cold environment is conducive to crystallization, which changes the taste of this product. The nutritional values ​​of honey are no longer different than the nutritional value of sugar. Store it at room temperature, but do not expose it to direct sunlight.


Bread. If you buy it in large quantities, it is best to put it in the freezer. In the fridge, the bread absorbs all the scents and quickly forms.


Garlic. This "fragrant colleague" can not stand the cold. So do not crush it, start in closed containers outside the fridge.


Bananas. Usually, for their proper storage, you do not need any additional accessories - just find the corner of the house, where it will be dry, dark and quite cool.

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