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3 Reasons Why Drinking Tap Water Is Killing You Slowly

March 3, 2018

What Are We Drinking?


When asking so many people about what kind of water do they drink barely we get the answer from them. Most of the people usually do not drink water at all, which is really scary. Water is basic of our health and we indicated it so many times in our blog (read more here).





As we mentioned less than 2% of people will answer that they drink water in appropriate amount which is half of the weight in lbs in ounces or 0,3l per each 10 kilo of weight. That would indicate for an average adult person like 8-10 glasses of water to be drunk every single day.  



Is Your Tap Water Safe To Drink?



Researching water and its properties for several years already we know that quality of water has a direct effect on the quality of our health. Thus, if a person drinks water at all, most of them do not pay attention on its quality in a way that they should. And what is more, most of the people who drink water they usually use tap water which is not the best choice. Why we should not drink tap water? Here you are the reasons:


1. Pollution, heavy metals and all the slowly killing us rest of chemicals.


Tap Water contains pollution form the pipes, tubes, pumps as well from the agriculture which cause many diseases with cancer on lead. People do not realize that tap water  contains many chemicals that have direct influence on our Health. Lead, Chromium, Radioactive Radium, or Arsenic may be found exceeding the safety limits in many places in the US. Environmental Working Group publishes regularly publishes  tap water contamination based on the zip code. You can easily check based on the place you live what kind of water contamination in your tap water can be found. It is really scary sometimes when you type your address and you will find out many of chemical levels exceeds way health guidelines given and most of them are causing cancer! (click here to check it out)


For example in Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority level of Arsenic is currently 0.245 ppb  which makes more than 120 times than health guideline limit (0.004 ppb).


Main Health concerns for arsenic are cancer, harm to the central nervous system, harm to the brain and nervous system, skin damage, change in the heart and blood vessels, increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


Further data are even more concern. In 2015 Arsenic levels above health guidelines was found in 48 States, 7230 utilities, which serve more than 70 Million People. Legal limits was exceeded in 32 States, 363 utilities serving 402 000 People.*


Do you need any more prove that that. Take a look below, where Reverse Osmosis stage 1 filter comparison new vs. half year usage is shown. We use that to manufacture our own water. Read more about how to manufacture your own living water -->> here.




2. Tested? Yes, at main stream, but not in your sink.


Even if the water that is claimed to be safe and great to drink from the municipal supply is not the same that you have in your tap. Why? Try to imagine that the municipal water supply is like a big river. Even if you test that river and you get amazing results (that is really hard to find and to be honest, almost unparalleled ) samples are taken either on the supply or in that mainstream of this river. With satisfying results it would be great to drink that water in a place where that samples were taken. But it is not the case as far your tap is a concern. That big river is constantly flowing, which prevents bacteria or viruses as well as other creatures like fungus to grow.




But that big river also divides into small streams, whereas there is not such a big flow like in the mainstream. Your water supply stream, as close to your home divides into smaller and smaller streams with slower and slower flow, which support bacterial, fungus as well as other microorganism development, which are harmful for our health. So far as the samples are not taken from your sink to be tested you can expect many living microorganisms, bacteria or viruses in your tap water.


3. Tap water - death water.


It is death processed water. There is no life in it, and I do not mean living organisms. Water, as food can be found processed. What exactly does it mean? When you compare water at the source and water in your tap you will find that there are difference in certain parameters. The most important parameter is oxidative redox potential - Redox. Water molecules at the source contains an extra electrons on the last orbit which makes it antioxidant or living water.


That feature of water that we drink is really important for our health. Unfortunately, transporting water using metallic equipment allows that electrons to “escape” and water, which is delivered to our tap is lacking with this life vital feature. Even taking that water and closing into a bottle deprive drinking water that ability.


-->>>Read Here An Article How To Manufactured your own Living Water


Source: Environmental Working Group


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