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We have Two Brains!

January 22, 2018


A group of researchers from Columbia University conducted a study, during which the next or third brain was discovered in the human body. Scientists confirm that in addition to the main brain and spinal cord, we still have an intestinal brain that works independently of its predecessors.

Researchers emphasize that the intestinal brain ensures the proper functioning of the entire digestive system. And the main evidence for the existence of the third brain is the fact that when the communication with the brain or spinal cord is lost, the intestines continue their work.




At the moment, specialists are preparing to conduct an additional study to confirm their theory. At the same time, they point out that after this information, we MUST GIVE MORE IMPORTANCE TO THE GUT.






The intestinal nervous system or "second brain" is very similar to the main brain. It can work independently and even affect human behavior by sending signals to the main brain via the vagus nerve (X-nerve).












  • It takes part in decision making and human behavior.

  • It is responsible for eating harmful products while experiencing stress.

  • It can change the mood.

  • It plays an important role in the physical and mental state of man.

  • It can function alone.

  • Mutually interacts with the main brain through the vagus nerve.

  • Supports the biochemical environment at various sites of the digestive tract.

  • It cares about the pH level and chemical composition needed to work with digestive enzymes.

  • After the appearance of pathogens in the body, it starts the cleansing processes.

  • Informs the central nervous system about food toxicity and infections.

  • 90% of the signals transmitted by the vagus nerve are sent not from above (from the main brain), but from the bottom (from the intestinal nervous system).

  • It has cells similar to glial adjuvant cells.

  • It has a barrier similar to the blood-brain barrier.

  • It produces a whole range of hormones and 40 neurotransmitters.



To maintain our health on maximum level it is important to take care of our Gut. You can follow general 4 Steps To Health Protocol Guidance or use one of the dedicated Programs: Colo-Vada (New Name: Go Detox) and Healthy Gut.


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