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Colo-Vada New Look -> Go Detox

September 8, 2017

The most famous colon cleansing program Colo-Vada has been upgraded with new package, new ingredients as well as new name. Invented by Dr A. Zehr more than 20 years ago will be now available in North America (USA and Canada).


What is Colo-Vada and how to prepare to colon-cleansing we wrote a separate article -> read here. 


This program is designed for 14 days and includes a 3-step process that permits maximum efficacy of detoxification, improves the digestive tract function and preserves beneficial intestinal microbial flora.


For two decades Colo-Vada was very popular among colon cleansing enthusiast. People experience extraordinary results with this program. It is combined with fasting, which makes it not suitable for everyone. 


Go Detox is a 14-day program, designed to cleanse and detox your body. The 3 phase process is formulated to achieve maximum effect in ridding your body of harmful toxins and waste products, while helping you to restore digestive function and overall health. 


First of all name was changed from Colo-Vada  to Go Detox. Packaging was also refreshed. Formula of few ingredients has been upgraded to the capsule instead of tablets. It is connected with improvements with today's technology of the dietary supplement. production.



Coral Club North America announced release of the product during recent members webinar. Price for the members is $82.00 USD and CAD 105.78. Product is available only for Coral Club Members, but registration is FREE of charge.


Contact with us to get more information how to get Go Detox as well guidance and health coaching. 


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