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Natural or Processed Ionized Water?

June 2, 2017

People very often take under debate which water we should drink. Majority drinks tap water and some more health conscious use more sophisticated one. Ionized water is very often a choice. There are many water ionizers on the marker which offer variety of features. They might produce alkaline as well acidic inoized water. Ionized water from  has undergone the process of electrolysis through an Ioniser. This process entails the separation of water into two main parts which are acidic water and alkaline water. The acidic portion is thrown away while the alkaline part is consumed. But not every inozied water is produced by electrical water inozers. In this article you can discover a different way, more natural and not-in-forced by chemical process  approach.


The alkaline water has a higher pH content. Experts confirms that drinking Alkaline water can neutralise the presence of acid in your bloodstream and improve your energy level and metabolism. It is also often regarded as an antioxidant which can slow the process of ageing and cure ailments in the human body system. In this blog post, we shall discuss the differences between ionised water from electrical ionisers and natural Coral-Mine as well as their advantages.


A water ionizer popularly known as an alkaline ioniser is a device used to raise the pH level of drinking water by utilizing the method of electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components. "Coral Mine" is a natural product composed of deep-sea coral (scleractinians) believed to have its origin in the Sea of Japan, near the islands of Okinawa. Coral-Mine can regulate the basic functions of all bodily organs and systems by controlling mineral balance.


A sachet of Coral-Mine placed in a standard 1.5 litres of water enriches it with beneficial minerals, restores water-salt balance, has a positive effect on the kidneys and digestive system functions, and helps to regulate blood pressure. Its elements promote the growth of bone and connective tissue with valuable effects on the general health, and a mild tonic effect. 



Here is an outline of the comparison between Ionized water acquired from Electrical water Ionizer and Coral-Mine;


•    Possession of Alkaline Properties: Ionised water produced by these outlets we are studying here have alkaline properties, but a thorough research has shown that the electrical type has a higher range which makes it unsuitable while Coral Mine increase the water alkaline level up to 8.5pH and making it fit for drinking.


•    Provision of minerals: The Ionised water from the electric devices also contain minerals, but its minerals are known to be “artificial” and not too pleasant compared to the minerals produced by Coral-mine which is known to be natural ingredients from algae.


•    Oxidation Redox Potential: Both sources examined here has enormous capacities with the results of the Oxidation Redox Potentials of the electrically ionized machines are not natural and has a high record of negativity. The ORP outcome is known to possess natural properties without side effects. For those who want to know the meaning of Oxidation Redox Potential, it is an expression used to enumerate the ability of the Alkaline water to alleviate the effects of the havoc caused by oxidation. Oxidation Redox Potential is also known as the capacity to combat harm caused by Reactive Oxygen Species. That means that water with negative ORP is simply an antioxidant. It contains additional electrons on last orbits of molecules and that is why its charge is negative. Electrical water ionozers can produce water with -500 and even -800 mV ORP. Water with so high ORP level is not being met in nature. While Coral-Mine changes water ORP by more or less

-200mv. That means that Coral Water is more natural and not being called a processed water. (watch video how Coral-Mine changes water ORP)


•    Surface Tension: Alkaline water offered by Coral-Mine is easily absorbed into our body system as it tallies with our blood level while the Ionised water from the electrically ionized machines does not offer this value.


•    Water Structure: The water structure provided by the electrically ionized machine is not natural while the water structure offered by Coral-Mine is natural as Coral-Mine is already known to be a natural product. ( watch movie about structure of the water ).


•    Price: Setting up of electrically ionized machines is a venture known to be capital-intensive. It costs starts from $1200 USD and ends on more than $5000 USD. Installation of these machines requires the expertise of professionals who will receive money for their services. If you are working on a small budget, use of electrically ionized machine is not a feasible option for you. With a daily budget of one dollar a day, you can enjoy the Alkaline water with the help of Coral-Mine. If you ask me, spending thirty dollars every month is still better than spending thousands of dollars to procure an electrically ionized machine.


•    Mobile Access: The electrically ionized machine cannot be taken along with you wherever you go as the machine installed at your house cannot be moved to your office every day, but Coral-mine is a handy mixture that can be taken with you everywhere and applied to water to make it appropriate for drinking.


For those who are yet to understand the advantages of drinking alkaline water on a daily basis.


Here are the few benefits you can relate with:


1.    Helps you achieve optimum pH of the blood (watch pH water change with Coral-Mine)

2.    Alleviates the risks of contracting diseases related to cardiovascular and digestive systems.

3.    Helps the saturation of oxygen in your body.

4.    Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure.

5.    Regulates renal activity, liver and digestive system.

6.    It prevents the growth of arthritis in the body. Besides, it boosts the elasticity of muscles and joints thereby rebuilding the arrangement of bone and tissues in the body.


After this comparison you have a choice to make: go with technical inventions which produce processed water or stay with natural way to ionize it. It is up to you.


Read more about Coral-Mine.


Source: Coral Club and Coralorder



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