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What Is Coral-Mine?

May 23, 2017

What is Coral?


Most of us think that coral is semi-precious stone used for the production of jewelry ornaments. Since immemorial times, they are valued for their beautiful color and unusual shape. Corals are often snow-white, ivory colored and red-pink (shades from pale pink to bright purple).


Coral cannot be considered as dead mineral, because it is constantly growing. It is difficult to clearly receive it, as it combines the qualities of animals, plants and minerals.

Coral islands or reefs reassembles the fossilized skeletons of coral polyps. To the coral lived and developed, requires specific conditions that exist only in some parts of the world ocean. The water should be very clean, warm, include a plurality of salt , there should not flow through it cold ocean currents. For these reasons, we do not find corals in the region of the English Channel or in cold seas.


Coral Calcium Powder know as Coral Mine is a natural product from Japan made of deep-sea coral (scleractinias) collected in the Sea of Japan, near the islands of Okinawa.

Coral-Mine normalizes the functions of all bodily organs and systems by regulating mineral balance. 



Coral Calcium Powder is insoluble in water coral powder. This can be achieved in the way of grinding coral debris, excavated on the coast of two small Japanese islands of Okinawa.


Coral-Mine placed in ordinary water gives it its amazing properties. If you daily drink this water, compromised in a sick body balance will start to recover, and there will not appear any side effects. This water can be given even for newborns - it is absolutely secure. Overdose of Coral-Mine is completely impossible because any excess is removed in a natural way. At the same time it exhibits a distinct pharmacological activity, normalizing the chemical processes of the body.


Coral Powder (Coral-Mine) has the perfect cure characteristics: it is highly effective, gently effects on the body, it is safe and relatively inexpensive. This is the oldest, simplest and the most powerful medicine at the moment that helps in the treatment of even this severe disease leads to disability, such as arthritis.


Coral-Mine is simple to use: one gram baggie of Coral-Mine (similar to _baggies tea baggies) is inserted into any of a still drink (drinking water, tea, coffee, compote). And that's all! Results amaze even the most skeptical. At the same time never appears allergy or unwanted side effects. Water coral equally works for people and animals.


Acid Alkaline Balance of our Body.


To keep good health, it is necessary to preserve the _ proper acid-base balance. Products which are in the daily diet of most modern people, regardless of their place inhabited, favor over-acidification of the body, which is fundamental cause of many illnesses. But it is sufficient to restore acid-base balance of the body and disease disappear by themselves. 


Coral Calcium Powder removes excessive acidity and restores the body the necessary acid-base balance. Here is the reason why the inhabitants of the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima have so enviable health. They drink rainwater, to which get tiny particles of coral. These people do not do anything special, just throughout their lives drink water, which is completely natural way to make their body more alkaline.

Coral-Mine linked to any liquid neutralize  excess acidity , increasing the pH indicator. In the case of daily use  all liquid environments, and consequently,  the whole body becomes more alkaline.


How does the Coral-Mine work?


Coral-Mine (Coral Calcium Powder from Okinawa) is the perfect mean to  neutralize the excess acidity. It gives the body a certain alkalinity fluids.


In the case of daily use, Coral-Mine:

- Provides easily absorbed calcium into the body ;

- Reduce the overall level of acidity of the body;

- positively influences on the metabolic processes;

- Strengthens immunity;

- to a certain extent reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.


Coral-Mine is particularly effective in the case of locomotor diseases, skin, cardiovascular, digestive organs, violation of metabolism.

Before using Coral Calcium Powder it is good to consult your doctor, especially if you are suffering from diseases associated with restrictions on drinking liquids.

In prophylactic Coral-Mine is used as follows: one gram bag is placed in one and a half liter of unboiled drinking water (using filters purificated water  emphasizes the effect ). After 5 - 10 minutes, the water is ready for consumption, it should be a little drink between meals during the day. If you want, you can add to the water fruity aroma, with no sugar.

You can also use the Coral-Mine to the usual treatment of tap water because it neutralizes chlorine.


Coral-Mine can be added to any drink- tea, coffee, fruit compotes and first courses. It do not absolutely affect their taste. Some even claim that it improves the taste of the wine and reduce hangover. It is not recommended to drink carbonated water.


The use of Coral-Mine, Coral Calcium Powder in some way  reducing the negative effect of "forbidden" food and lets not abide so raw food diet.


Coral Calcium Powder is one of the best currently known antioxidants. It neutralizes free radicals and protects cells from damage. (Watch the video how Coral-Mine changes water Oxidation Redox Potential.Click here )


Performing in Japan, studies have shown that the level of morbidity of islanders of Okinawa and Tokunoshima to all forms of arthritis is significantly lower than in other regions. These results have allowed to achieve just the use of reef water .

It cannot be said that the Coral-Mine cures arthritis (there is no cure for it), but that, it brings improvement is obvious.


The best way to deal with digestive problems and prevent them from escalating, is to drink plenty of water (not less than 1 liter per day) with Coral-Mine. It protects the body from dehydration, prevent the unnecessary accumulation of acids, reduce the excessive acidity of the body.


As the Coral-Mine is not deposited in the body, and the daily consumed and disposed of, it has to been taking each day. Most of the problems that will be removed thanks to  using  the Coral-Mine can return immediately after you stop taking it. Exactly the same returns tendency to over-acidification of the body.


Coral-Mine prevents the increase of the blood pressure and liver damage. Appropriate for people of Okinawa longevity and health is attributed solely to drinking water containing the necessary for the body micronutrients .


Coral is a unique substance because it has reached a perfect harmony of the animal world, vegetable and mineral. This living, growing up  organism with mineral skeleton resides in seawater, which mineral composition is very close to that of human blood serum. All components necessary for the growth obtained from seawater. A method of forming  reef soil is close to the way of formation and growth the human bones. Coral grows slowly, bones of mammals as well.

Corals are one of authentic natural wonders, and their ability of merging with the man and animal bones shows that they represent something that goes beyond being an ordinary decoration.


This amazing creation of nature combines several forms of material at a time. Although coral is a sea animal, it has a strange shape, reminiscent of strange plants, lives thanks to salts and feeds on marine microorganisms. The coral skeleton is a complex of mineral salts, whose age is counted in millions of years and from which makes a great decoration.


Unlocking the secrets of the coral is still ahead of us.


One of the basic chemical elements which make up our body is calcium. Its deficiency in the body entails more than 150 severe illnesses, where particular are suffering of children, pregnant women and people over 40 years.


Coral-Mine saturates water with active, ionized calcium, and other micronutrients. Daily drinking such water conducive to:

- Achieving optimal blood pH indicator ( watch video how Coral-Mine changes water pH);

- Reducing the risk of disease of cardiovascular and digestive organs;

- Saturation blood with oxygen ;

- Normalize blood sugar levels and pressure;

- cleaning kidneys, liver and digestive system;

- Prevention of arthritis, increase the flexibility of muscles and joints, restoration of normal bone structure and cartilage tissues.





Coral Powder creates an alkaline environment in the body, normalizing acid-base balance. Scientists have long known that alkaline environment is vitally important for normal cell functioning, and thus for the body as a whole. It is also known that all metabolic processes at the cellular level occurring  in the body involving calcium ions.


Calcium, reaching the body with nutritional products and water, is generally less biologically active. An important advantage of the Coral-Mine is its bioavailability: In case of contact with the water it passes in ionic form and is easily absorbed by the cells.


Coral Calcium Powder has been features in many publications as well as researches. (watch FREE webinar about research and science of Coral-Mine


At the moment, the Coral Calcium Powder, known as Coral-Mine can be bought in many countries of the world: Scandinavia, France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain,The United Kingdom, Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, recently has been finally available in Canada and USA. And it is being distributed exclusively thanks to Coral Club International.


Currently more than 6 Millions of people drink water with Coral-Mine in a Powder Vresion and it has been sold in more than 1 Billion units all over the world.


It is being used in 4 Steps To Health Approach as first step called super hydration


Find out more about Coral-Mine.


Source: CoralOrder

“Coral-Mine the enemy of arthritis”



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