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How To Prepare Yourself For Colo-Vada?

March 1, 2017

There are a lot of different kinds of detox and cleansing program available on the market, which with we can bring the digestive system back to health. It is also a well-known fact that colon balance, its condition have a huge impact on our health, longevity and vitality. In face there were many studies which revealed gut condition to be linked with many diseases, including those connected with the nervous system as well. Thus, Dr Albert Zehr has developed for more than 15 years 14-day program that simplifies colon cleansing and activates elimination. His research and work was broadly described in his publication about the mentioned subject: “Healthy Steps.”


What Colo-Vada Plus Cleansing Program Is?


The Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus for cleansing may be used in conjunction with diets and fasting. This program is designed for 14 days and includes a 3-step process that permits maximum efficacy of detoxification, improves the digestive tract function and preserves beneficial intestinal microbial flora.


The products included in Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus have the following beneficial effects:

• detoxifying;

• laxative;

• anthelmintic and antimicrobial;

• stimulating peristalsis;

• normalizing microbial flora of the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive process;

• they act as a tonic and an antioxidant;

• supports the balance of vitamins and minerals in the course of a diet.


Program is a comprehensive, self-contained, all-in-one system complete with vitamins, minerals, herbs, acidophilus and digestive enzymes that works effectively.

Cleansing and restoring balance of the digestive system cannot take place overnight. It cannot be achieved with drugs, surgery or injections. Balancing intestinal flora, improving its regularity and reducing harmful bacteria and parasites takes time, some effort and patience. With a little focus and education and right steps (read more about 4 Steps To Health) our colon balance can be restored, sending a rippling effect throughout the body. Many who tried it our report energy increase, a greater sense of well-being, better skin condition much more efficient nutrient absorption and improved overall health.

There are three stages of the Colo-Vada Cleansing Program:


1st Stage, Preparation - 7 days

 For the first phase of the program use 14 packets number 1. Each of these packets includes the following products:


Ultimate - is a perfectly balanced set of vitamins, minerals, and herbal components, which can compensate for the lack of nutrients, prevent the development of vitamin deficiency, and normalize the function of vital organs and systems. Ultimate contains all the necessary components to optimize the function of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, blood circulation, and the digestive systems, while also improving the condition of hair and skin.


The active ingredients of the product:

• Regulate the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body;

• Normalize the function of the digestive, cardiovascular, and immune systems;

• Prevent the development of osteoporosis and rickets;

• Increase tone and vitality.


Mega Acidophilus - is highly beneficial for cases of microbial imbalances, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and alcohol misuse, it improves absorption of nutrients, eliminates flatulence, and is effective against constipation. Mega Acidophilus includes highly beneficial Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus that normalize digestion and digestive tract, inhibit the effect of pathogenic microbial flora, and protect the body from the toxic effects of their metabolites. 


Vitamin C -also known as ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid. 


Alfalfa - is a unique flowering plant fr om the pea family. It contains biologically active substances that improve overall health, stimulate the immune system, boost vitality, improve digestion, have a detoxifying effect and protect form dental caries. The alfalfa plant is most widely used in Chinese medicine, wh ere it is called "the basis of all good things”. It was so popular in the ancient Middle East that Arabs have long called alfalfa the “Father of all foods”. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is an upright branching perennial plant from the pea family. It is one of the oldest cultivated crops in history. The Latin name, Medicago, is derived from the Greek words, meaning “food of the Medes”, because it was believed to have come from the Medes' land, which is now part of Iran. From its native area in South-West Asia, it has spread to all continents and countries. 


The above-ground part of the plant, which is collected during flowering, is used for the manufacturing of the product. The unique composition of alfalfa is due to its well-developed root system, which extends 10-20 meters deep into the ground. This system of roots allows the plant to receive a high amount of moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Alfalfa is a plant source of several kinds of amino acids, vitamins A, B group, E, K, minerals (such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium), chlorophyll, saponins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and isoflavones. This plant is also one of the few that contains vitamin D and fluoride.

In folk medicine, it is considered a plant that cleans the blood from toxins. In Tibetan medicine, it is prescribed as an anti-inflammatory agent. Alfalfa has long been used in herbal combinations to promote the recovery, cleansing, and rejuvenation of the human body.


Cascara Sagrada – (Rhamnus purshiana) bark, native to North America, was used for many years, because it does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract and does not create a dependence.

Its laxative effect manifests about 8-10 hours after you take it, so it is best to take it before you go to sleep.

Buckthorn bark contains anthraquinones that, after getting to the large intestine, improve its mobility and peristalsis, helping to painlessly move the solid waste along in order to normalize the stool.

In comparison with other laxatives, Buckthorn "delicately" cleanses the intestines and maintains a healthy flora.


Black Walnut Leaves - is an effective herbal product with anti-parasitic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It improves overall health and normalizes metabolism. This product is highly beneficial when used in combination with weight loss and detoxification programs. It has a high anti-parasitic effect. It is highly beneficial in cases of acute and chronic infestations and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This dietary supplement has a mild laxative effect, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract functions, and has antioxidant properties.

At this particular stage a body is preparing for a detox and toxins are being flushed to the large intestine. The supply of nutrients helps normalize bowel function.


2nd Stage Cleansing - 4 days

 For the second phase of the program use 8 packets number 2 and 16 packets of "Colo-Vada Mix" powder. Each packet # 2 contains: Ultimate, Mega Acidophilus, Vitamin C, Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, Combination 2, and Black Walnut Leaves.


Each pouch of "Colo-Vada Mix" powder contains: Psyllium husk powder, Kaolin powder, Citrus rind powder, Lecithin powder, Prune powder, and Licorice root extract.


At this particular stage "Colo-Vada Mix" powder swells


to form a gelatinous matter that encapsulates large masses of stagnant bowel contents and easily removes them.


3rd Stage Recuperation - 3 days

 For the third stage of the program use 6 packets # 3 with the following ingredients: Ultimate, Mega Acidophilus, Vitamin C, Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada,


DigestAble -  is a natural product that consists of digestive enzymes of vegetable plant origin.

•  Normalizes the process of digestion

•  Improves absorption of organic nutrients

•  Replenishes digestive enzymes

•  Reduces inflammatory processes in gastrointestinal tract

•  Regulates pH balance

A balanced enzyme complex that helps improve digestion throughout the digestive tract. Amylase breaks down carbohydrates while they are still in the mouth. Protease plays an active role in gastric secretion and breaks down proteins into amino acids. Lipase is a pancreatic enzyme that breaks down fats.

 Alpha-galactosidase and cellulase help digest fiber.

 Invertase and lactase help digest dairy products.


The 3rd stage is about restoration of the gastrointestinal tract and gut microbial flora through a combination of natural probiotic cultures (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) and digestive enzymes (amylase, protease, lipase, bromelain, etc.).


Completing the Colo-Vada Cleansing Program is the best way to jump into a lifelong program of internal health. That is highly recommended to perform the program twice a year, in springtime and autumn. To make the process smoother and correct Coral Club invites us to start 4 Steps To Health approach, whereas Colo-Vada Program is part of it. It is very important before we start detoxifying and cleaning our body from toxins and parasites to super hydrate our body with living water (read more about 4 Steps To Health). As well important is to make a propagate nutrition during and just after the program. Jumping into regular food just after cleansing can be very risky. Restauration of intestinal flora take time and cannot be done within days. That is why in 4 Steps To Health Coral Club educate us about appropriate steps to be taken before as well after our body cleansing. About that step series of articles are going to be created.


How To Prepare Yourself For Colo-Vada?


Toxins and parasites, all that filthiness in our body which is going to be removed with Colo-Vada program needs special treatment before is performed. Some of toxins or parasites might be nested in very tight and not so easy to access places among our cells. That is why our body needs to be properly hydrated before we start the process of getting rid of the toxins. Our cells literally are surrounded by water in our organism. When we are properly hydrated spaces between being more filled with water and transport of nutrients


and toxins is easy. When our body does not have the appropriate amount of water, toxins need to “press” between cells, in some way causing their skin cells to be damaged. When our body is properly hydrated it does not experience as above. In addition to that our body is made out of water in an average 72 %. So its quality determines quality of our health. When we are properly hydrated, our cells are suitably fed with nutrients and toxins which are produced by their metabolism are removed easily from our body.


In our body we can find two kinds of toxins. Those who come from our environment, like food, air, water, etc. and those who are produced by our body. All of them need to be removed from our body while there are one of the main cause of most of the disease. Even if you are taking care about your diet, eat healthy food you still going to have some toxins in your body, coming from your own cell metabolism. That is why our body needs to be properly hydrated before you start major cleaning and detoxification process to make it right and more smoother to our body. Learn more about how to prepare our body correctly for cleanings with 4 Steps To Health Process.


What To Do After Colo-Vada?


Just after the Colo-Vada your intestinal flora are almost reset. Clay during the 2nd phase has taken all of your colon remaining out of our body and we are clean. Your digesting system starts from the beginning and that is why correct balance diet is needed. Restoring the flora takes time, and within Colo-Vada Program takes only 3 days – 3rd phase. Thus, addition, measures are needed to be taken into consideration. When not done properly, there is a high risk to make it even worse than


before the cleaning process. Our internal environment is free and vulnerable to grow any kind of bacterial culture and that is why it is very important to make it right. Coming back to old eating habits (although after cleansing with Colo-Vada many of the participants of the program report change in eating behaviors) might risk many of the health problems which most common is dysbacteriosis – our internal bacterial flora disturbance. That state can lead to abdominal pains and digesting problems. That is very important to follow the procedure of 4 Steps To Health to make the process useful instead of harmful to our body. Contact with us for details.



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