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Baking soda test!

December 6, 2016

Our health starts in our gut. Have you heard about it?

We can see it, especially now in the time where we eat less fresh fruit and vegetables, that our health degenerates. Colds, flues starts around us. It is not only connected with our diet but also with already existing condition of our stomach content. Our stomach is equipped in very powerful hydrochloric acid (HCl) which is our first weapon against any bacteria and viruses. Nothing can survive in this environment and all threatening creatures should be eliminated. Unfortunately because of our poor diet and not correct water/fluid intake we tend to dissolve that acid, and it is not so powerful as it should be. Content of our stomach fluids should be 1,5-3 pH for a healthy person. In that very acidic environment bacteria’s shouldn’t go through. There are people with stomach acidity 5 and even 7. It is like water then. Can you imagine that you have water in your stomach instead of very acidic fluid which dissolve food and kills bacteria’s?  

You do not need any sophisticated procedure to check if everything is ok with that. It is enough that you will take a half of table spoon of baking soda, melted in the half of glass of warm water and drink it. You should burp within 2-5 minutes after drinking it. How does it work? A baking soda solution together with HCl in your stomach should produce CO2, the same which you will find in sodas. That makes your stomach fluids to sparkle like soda does after you shake it. Then, when you have enough acidic stomach, you will burp, let’s call it a healthy burp. When you don’t, it means that your stomach acids are too weak to fight with environmental thread. Do not worry, there is a solution to that. After you recognize that you have weak stomach acids with this exercise, just simply introduce into your diet ensilaged food like sauerkraut or pickled cucumber. In few days repeat the baking soda test and check if your stomach acid is renewed.   


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