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4 Steps To Health

September 12, 2016

   Finding out that procedure it turned out that it is very logical. Many of us Healthy living adventure starts with healthy nutrition or exercise. I am not saying that it is wrong. I did it myself and after a while I noticed that instead of being more healthy my body reacted a little bit differently. Why it is like that? While eating well, we do not provide to our body all of that trash and in addition to that we tend to cut on carbs (mostly sugar) and also eat a little bit less, don’t we? As far, all our locators like candida and all kinds of parasites which live in our body love that kind of food. Thus, they starting to eat what you are providing with smaller amounts, and your body, your cells gets nothing. And we feel hungry all the time and our body just crave food. Didn’t you have had that when you were starting your healthy living adventure? I believe most of us had it and that is why majority of us did not last to the end and came back to our old eating habits. Study shows that majority of people starting any kind of diet, two years later weights even more than before. Thus, it is better not to start at first place:) I am kidding. In addition to that, some of us starts with a lot of exercise on the beginning. We decide that we will work out every single day and start with very intensive with personal trainer. Next days we feel so awful, that we do not want to train any more. I believe, that healthy living required a healthy state of mind and as well healthy procedure and small steps of action every single day. That is why I found 4 Steps To Health very logical and useful. Moreover, I tried and it works perfectly. It starts with super hydration of our body. Our body needs water and that is why it is first step (read more about it in my previous post). In addition to this, water which we supply needs to be living water. Most of us drinks water, which in some cases does not improves our hydration. That is why living water is that which have a proper pH, Redox, surface tension and structure. All of that can be easily provided to our body without expensive water ionizers and with natural way. Coral Mine added to 1,5 liter pf water change its features for living water. I love to drink it and I cannot imagine myself drinking different kind of water. It totally changed my eating habits and I lost some weight just drinking a proper water in proper amounts and in proper procedure. In addition to this, I can change any water, tap or bottled one to living water in a heartbeat. That is why I like it the most. But it is only the first step.

   Super hydration of our body allows all of the chemical process to be done stably and smoothly. It prepares our body for next step, which is cleansing. Through all our life we eat a lot of stuff. They come from different environments and can feed us with different kind of parasites and fungus. In addition to that, our intestines with time are sledging. Yes, they are like canalization pipe (I am civil Engineer from education and experience) with many changes in diameter so it can be sledged. Smooth and steady in diameter pipe can with time be bloomed so you can imagine your intestines how they can look like after this years of piping different kind of material that you ate. In addition to that that sledge all kind of parasites and creatures can live in.  That is why from time to time, except toxins removals from our body, we need to do cleaning of our intestines. That is what about second step is. Cleansing, removing all toxins, which after a super hydration can be done with no harm to our body. And cleaning of our food/ nutrition supply – our intestines. Most of the procedures like chemical or even natural food cleaning will not do it all. Even enema can clean only a large intestines mechanically. That is why Colo-Vada program can do it through all length of your digesting system. Find out more about this in my Free eBook.


   After all of that, our body can easily take care about itself providing healthy nutrition. But, there is one small problem. With time that this healthy organic food is going to be provided to your home, it is going to lose some of its nutrition. In addition to that, scientists measured that with time, because of environment degradation with artificial chemicals and pollution even our organics food contains less and less minerals and vitamins. That is unfortunately sad and that is why we need to supplement our diet. I did not believed in supplementation, but after I tried on myself, now I know that it is working, when done  well. Someone once told me that supplementation is just expensive urine. Agree with that, while absorption of diet supplements is lower that real nutrition. After performing second step, in 4 Steps To Health, absorption of any nutrition is significantly increasing. Why is that? As mention, sledge in your intestines bloomed with time prevent of good absorption. Getting  rid of it, your intake changes, and supplements are absorption is much better. That is very important to make your journey to Health in a proper way, in

4 Steps as presented.

There is one additional reason why Coral Supplements have better absorption as well. They are based on patented and very special component wish also is widely used in last, 4 steps.


   During metabolism process some molecules becomes very unstable while they are missing paired electron of their last orbit. They calls free radicals and are responsible many disturbance of the regular chemical processes in your body and aging. That disturbance affects your biochemical machinery inside your body. That is why our body needs something which fights free radicals, it calls antioxidant. It is a molecule which have additional electrons on its last orbit and can “give” it to the free radical and neutralize it. That way your system can be stable again. Amount of free radicals and antioxidants in your body should be in equal, to create a harmonic and stable environment. Unfortunately today’s living style and eating processed food does not allow to provides us with required antioxidants amount. That is why Cora Mine developed and patented a natural based substance which added to the water change it instantly in antioxidant. It calls H-500 Diet Supplement and all of others are based on it. That is why absorption of Coral Supplements is more efficient. That is why in this last 4 Steps To Health, except of organic and biologic food, a diet fool of antioxidants is required to protect your body from chemical imbalance and aging. More about that you can read in Free eBook, just click here to download it


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