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If you want to be rich, study rich people.

If you want to be healthy, study healthy people. 




   My name is Betty and with this site I would like to share how life can be changed, how our body and health can be improved. In everyday life we tend not to appreciate our body and health, which is magnificent creation. We were given it on the beginning of our life and what we will do with it we see at end of our life. I understood it when I arrived to Canada, when I slowed down a little bit and focused on the most important thing in my life, my health. Then I realized that I want to focus on that and keep it in the best shape as possible. After that my friend asked me for a help. She needed a cancer cure, naturally invented in Canada. I started to researched, what is all about with this cancer, because I did not know a thing about it. You know, it is like when you are not touched by this, you do not care and it is not important to you. But unfortunately I have learnt that in 15-20 years, almost every 4th person will be having this disease. Me, being stubborn and curios I said NO. I am not going to wait when someone from my family, my friends will get cancer and I will not be able to help. It is not me, I fight to the end.

Unfortunately I was not able to help my friend in time.


    After that I was researching and digging deeper through internet, books and any other media. I started to meet interesting people who also looking for the answers. That way I found Paul’s YouTube movie and something moved in me. I know that all he was talking was right. My instinct has never failed me, or maybe it was a women intuition. That is why I am always listening to it and it told me that it is IT. That way I joined Coral Club. Getting more and more knowledge I want to share it with you and that is why I created this site, to help you with finding the answers to a better health. I have learnt the 4 Steps To Health philosophy and it changed my life and many others. That is why I feel that it is my duty to share it with you as well. I like sharing.

That is you from this site will get knowledge how to improve your health, natural medicine is the answer, medical news and part of myself.    

Waiting for you here